Caregore Consulting

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Offering International, Cross Border and Domestic Services


Caregore Consulting´s services on the Danish Market

Caregore Consulting offers on the Domestic (Danish) market, different types of diversified Executive Consultancy / Advisory services such as:

Advising Owners, Top Managements, Banks, Chairman of Boards a.o. in relation to Danish SME´s (small and mid-sized enterprises), making turn arounds, doing Interim management, making Strategic and Operational assessment, with subsequent implementation / execution, and / or otherwise injecting a higher degree of professionalism into SME´s ;

Board membership in Danish SME;

Advising private or public Danish Clients, Organisations, Financial Institutions or Investors in connection with national Infrastructure or development projects;

Establishing and developing partnerships between companies, hereunder joint ventures;

Advise Danish Entrepreneurs of any kind, hereunder joining Advisory Boards;

Offering to develop and implement QHSE & R Management systems in Danish SME´s;

Services on the Danish Market of Caregore Consulting, are offered based upon the Owner, Jens Kjærgaard´s broad experience, Managerial competences and Inter-cultural awareness, achieved through many years professional life within the International and Danish Construction Business with great focus on International and Danish projects, joint ventures (and other forms of cooperation) as well as having responsibility for general corporate matters.