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Caregore Consulting´s International services

Caregore Consulting offers different types of diversified International Executive Consultancy / Advisory services for Companies / Concession Parties / Organizations / (financial) Institutions / Investors a.o., based anywhere internationally, who want to concur the world – with focus on Business Development within or related to Infrastructure, Construction, Industrial, Energy, Renewables, Trade, Shipping, Import & export Businesses.

The challenges could be to find and develop partnerships, to initiate new or further develop existing business in the international Markets versus international Clients / Customers / Partners / Suppliers etc., i.e. to break the Ice.

Such Markets could be in Africa, Caribbean, MEA, Latin & Central America, Asia or Europe;

Services will be offered in function of Business Developer, Advisor, Consultant, Interim Manager, Agent, Partner, member of Advisory Boards, Facilitator, Mediator a.o.

Services of Caregore Consulting, are offered based upon the Owner Jens Kjærgaard´s international experience, global mind set and managerial competences, developed over 34 years, mostly obtained within international joint ventures, utilizing an extensive network, supported by a high level of inter-cultural awareness, comprising “building bridge” between different nationalities and cultures, providing network, breaking the Ice, establishing relationships, being facilitator, mediator, negotiator etc.