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Background info about Caregore Consulting (Jens Kjærgaard)

Education: M. Sc. (Master of Science, Construction) in 1981, MBA (Master in Management of Technology) in 2003, both at Danish Technical University (DTU), Copenhagen.

Recent job functions: Owner and Director of Caregore Consulting (2013 -). Vice President ,International Business Development and Executive Management in E. Pihl & Son A.S., Denmark, comprising Latin Amerika, Caribien, Afrika, UK and Sri Lanka (- 2013).

Professional experience: 3 years, Owner of an Executive international and domestic Advisory and Consultancy company. > 31 years within the Construction Industry, some 20 years mostly involved on Project and Operational activities and some 10 years primarily on Corporate and Project related Strategic / Executive activities.

International experience: Been Expatriated in 11 years, comprising 1 year in Faroe Islands (1981-82), 3½ years in Somalia (1982-1986), 1½ year in South Yemen (1987-1989), 1 year in the Gambia (1989-90), 2 x 2 years in Tanzania (1990-1991, 1998-2000).

Responsible for international activities at various levels (Bid Manager, then Project Director and finally Vice President) since 2000 until 2013.

Been involved professionally in Business Development and / or Construction related Project activities in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka, UK, Greenland, Norway, Greece, Belgium, USA and Denmark.

Joint venture experience: Over the years involved in some 15 different joint ventures, mostly international, comprising partners, staffs and Employees from some 50 different nationalities.

Danish Career highlights: Guldborgsund (immersed) Tunnel in 1986-1987, Great Belt (high) Bridge in 1991-1994, Öresund (immersed) Tunnel in 1996-1998, Royal Opera in 2001-2003.

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