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Partners of cooperation

Consista ApS, a Danish IT sales company, among other cooperation in sales of Tasklift, Bitrater products etc. www.consista.dk (Jan. 2017 – )

Bocean IVS, a Danish sales company, with cooperation handled through Bureau Nova Danmark IVS, a Sales Agent company, covering among other direct sales or sales through others of food and non food products, here under IT products (Nov. 2106 – ).

World Track, delivers software based innovative solutions for fleet management, surveillance and protection. Our technological platform monitors your values 24/7/365 by an internet connected device wherever you go. www.worldtrack-dk.com/en, (Aug. 2016 -).

Bitrater, wants to make security accessible to all with a solution that will revolutionize the security market globally, by giving private consumers as well as companies the opportunity to move safely on the internet. Simplicity is at the core of BitRater. Installing it and setting it up, requires nearly no action from the user and takes place in minutes. By simplifying the BitRater user interface, it’s clear to the individual user, which threats our solution have stopped.  With BitRater is proven that it’s possible to create a much safer environment and minimize the number of false positives, as BitRater AI (Artificial Intelligence) will remove the majority of these. www.bitrater.biz (Aug. 2016 -)

The Green Wrap, offers an ecological and natural alternative to preserve our food fresh. Our society demands more and more responsible use of materials with the environment. In our kitchens we use a lot of plastics, often for a short period of time. We are big generators of waste! THE GREEN WRAP is made of certified cotton, beeswax, tree resin and coconut oil. It allows us to store our food naturally. The antibacterial properties of beeswax are perfect for preserving our food fresh. Due to its self-adhesive composition we can shape it to cover any surface. You can reuse your THE GREEN WRAP again and again. THE GREEN WRAP is completely handmade using local products. We hope you like it and enjoy it with yours!  www.thegreenwrap.com (Aug. 2016 – ).

Resiblock, Enhance & Protect your Paving with Block Paving Sealers by RESIBLOCK: Natural Stone, Concrete Block Paving, Patio Slabs & Indian Sandstone Paving Sealers, www.resiblock.com and www.resiblock.dk/da (July 2016 – ).

Tasklift, is a mobile (app driven) compliance and knowledge sharing system, that integrates all human process related resources, and it secures – in a simple (Cloud based) manner – documentation of all activities being done, as they are being done / executed. Documentation is thereby secured being done by those (often blue collar) persons, actually performing the tasks / works in a given organisation, whereby the organisation consequently releases costly (often white collar) resources, traditionally having to (doubble) check the quality, extend and timing of the work done. The documentation system will create significant value in organisations, companies, projects and in businesses of any kind, domestically as well internationally – being developed to be or become compatible in most languages (www.tasklift.com) (Jan 2016 – ).

Bureau Nova, a Danish / German / International trading company under establishment, promoting and selling products within Green tech, IT, food and home industry; company established in Nov. 2017 (Jan. 2016 -)

Maritime Consultancy House, MariconHouse, www.mariconhouse.com, an (umbrella) cooperation, concist, besides of Caregore Consulting, of MSR-Consult, Karin Tankers (www.karintankers.dk), ITOLEAD Consulting Aps (www.itolead.com) and Maritime Business (www.maritimebusiness.dk) – related to‘ maritime consultancy and advisory services’ (Oct 2015 – ).

Innovation Embassy, www.innovationembassy.com, a Danish group of Entrepreneurs, a.o. working on setting up a conference in Q1-2016 in Nairobi, Kenya, referred to as “The Future City of Africa”, www.fcafrica.org. Caregore Consulting is Executive Advisor in connection with the preparation for the conference. (July 2015 – ).

Vienna Consulting Engineers, VCE, www.vce.at, an Austrian Engineering company is among the strongest European designers, having it´s core competences within bridge structures. Caregore Consulting is the representative of VCE in Denmark. (April 2015 – )

Spanish FCC Construccíon, www.fcc.es, is among the largest European and International contractors. Caregore Consulting is executive advisor to FCC on the Danish infrastructure market. (Oct. 2014 – Aug. 2015)

LINK Consult ApS, a small Danish company, who – together with Caregore Consulting – offers development and implementation of QHSE & R management systems in SME´s, being part of Caregore Consulting´s Danish and International network. (Aug. 2014 – ).

Baltic Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb, Rostock (BT), a German marine company, www.baltic-taucher.de, offers a wide range of marine services, hereunder vessels, divers etc. Baltic Taucherei is partner in Marine Service Partners Joint Venture (MSPJV), where Jens Kjærgaard is Director and JV representative. (June 2014 –  Dec. 2015 ). The MSPJV cooperation was put on stand by on Jan. 2016, awaiting the minimum two years delay of the Fehmarn project.

Svensk Sjöentreprenad AB (SSE), a Swedish marine company, www.sse-ab.se, offers marine services such as marine contracting, relating to new constructions, temporary- and repair works in water or in the vicinity as well as a broad range of services using own large pool of plant and equipment. SSE also provides services related to diving and ships and related civil engineering. (June 2014 – Dec. 2015 ). SSE is partner in Marine Service Partners Joint Venture (MSPJV), where Jens Kjærgaard is Director and JV representative. The MSPJV cooperation was put on stand by on Jan. 2016, awaiting the minimum two years delay of the Fehmarn project.

Nordic Marine Service A/S (NMS), a Danish marine company, www.nmsdiving.dk, is among the largest diving companies in Denmark, performing jobs of any kind, also turnkey projects, wherever the customers want it, being on land or at sea, in Denmark as well as abroad. The teams are well equipped, adhere to the best safety and quality standards and are ready at short notice for solving almost any type of diving job or tasks associated thereto. Customers are typically harbor authorities, ship owners, insurance companies, main contractors or such, related to the off shore, oil & gas businesses. (Jan. 2014 – ). NMS is partner in Marine Service Partners Joint Venture (MSPJV), where Jens Kjærgaard is Director and JV representative. The MSPJV cooperation was put on stand by on Jan. 2016, awaiting the minimum two years delay of the Fehmarn project. Jens Kjærgaard is also Chairman of the board in NMS from Jan. 2014 until Dec. 2015, there after being advisor.

Tunnelservice ApS, www.Tunnelservice.dk, was from Dec. 2013 a network association, having Femern Belt Service Center ApS (FBSC) as the focal point and facilitator. Both were closed down during the Spring of 2015, due to the uncertainty of the Femern project

Global Mobility, a Danish global-mobility.dk”..We provide assistance to companies who is about to second staff going abroad and to private individuals who are facing employment outside their home country…” (June 2013 –  )