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In 2012 – 13, I ceased my position as Vice President in Pihl & Son A.S., being at that time responsible for Business Development and Executive Management in Latin America, vCaribbean, Africa, UK and Sri Lanka.

In May 2013, I initiated my own Management Consultancy Firm, Caregore Consulting, www.caregore.dk, offering International, Cross Border and Domestic Advisory, Consultancy and Management services, based upon my experience and competences.

I have a Master of Science degree from 1981, supported by an Executive MBA in 2003.

In mostly International environment, I have developed a broad Executive as well as People Management Experience and achieved good results within Construction and Business Development.

I have built up very good Strategic, Tactical and Operational Skills, among others within Management of Relationship, Bid, Design – Build, Contract, Operation, QEHS, Dispute and Projects, managed under different Contract Conditions and Partnering Schemes.

Throughout, I have been cooperating with internal as well as external Procurement, Financing, Commercial, Accounting and Legal functions and experts.

With greater Management Diversity being developed, with focus on the processes and related results, the skills could be of value in most Industries.

My track records comprises among others:

  • Development & Management of Project Organisations in International and Inter-cultural context, often under difficult constraints and at remote locations
  • Professional experience from Management and Business Development in Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka, UK, Greenland, Norway, Belgium, Greece, US and Denmark
  • Management of International and Domestic Infrastructure Projects, contract values up to 170 mill USD, with control span, ranging up to 1.000 Staffs and Employees of different nationalities
  • Negotiating Commercial matters with International and Danish Partners, Subcontractors, Designers, Clients.

My management style is by Motivation, Encouragement, Delegation, Involvement and Integration.

I am honest, trustworthy, always a good Ambassador of my Employer, often used as organisational fire fighter.

I am well structured and effective, with great focus on doing things right from the start. I aim – through delegating responsibility and sharing my experience – at involving and motivating subordinates to act similarly.